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Banana Jigs

The Banana Jig's design allows it to be pulled over bottom structure and vegetation with reduced snagging. It has a forward center of gravity that gives it a nosediving action.  Our Banana jigs are available in all of our colors and glitter coats.   Looking for something different check out our Swimbait Head Jigs or our Synthetic Fiber Banana Jigs pages. 

Banana Jigs are available in the following sizes/hook combinations:

 - 1/8 oz. – Eagle Claw - L3052 - 1/0


 - 1/4 oz. – Eagle Claw - L3052 - 2/0


 - 3/8 oz. – Eagle Claw - L3052 - 3/0


 - 1/2 oz. – Eagle Claw  - L3052 - 4/0

****All of our Paint and Glitter Colours are currently displayed on this page****

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