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Weedless Skirted Arky Jigs

This Arky jig comes in two different hook configurations, flat and straight eye hooks.  These jigs are made with quality hooks, weed guards and skirting material.  They come in three different sizes and can be purchased bare or painted in your favourite colours.  Looking for a trailer for your jigs or a Skirted Weedless Arky jig with a trailer already attached?  Check out our X Zone Lures Soft Plastics and Weedless Arky Jigs with Trailers pages.

Grandpa's Tackle Box utilizes wire to securely fasten the skirting to each jig.


Arky Jigs are available in the following sizes/hook combinations (Depending on Arky Jig Model):

 - 1/4 oz. – Mustad Ultra Ultra Point - 32786/32798 - 3/0

 - 3/8 oz. –Mustad Ultra Ultra Point - 32786/32798 - 4/0

 - 1/2 oz. –Mustad Ultra Ultra Point - 32786/32798 - 5/0

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