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Marabou Jigs

Grandpa's Tackle Box offers Marabou Jigs that are poured, painted and tied with care and attention.  We use Eagle Claw and Mustad Hooks.  Our Marabou jigs can be purchased as made or in a color(s) and jig head of your choice.  

Marabou Jigs are one of the most versatile fishing lures ever created.  Any fish that feeds on insects, crustaceans, or minnows will strike a marabou jig.  These jigs are really good for crappie, perch, and sunfish and every species of trout and salmon.   It is also effective for bass, walleye and other freshwater species.

Marabou jigs are unique as they have a breathing motion when they appear to be stationary in the water column. Marabou is extremely soft, pliable and fluid. There is no other material that can be made to appear as “alive” in the water as marabou.

If you are looking for a specific jig head and/or color(s) combination, visit our Custom Order Page or contact us here.


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