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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some common questions.  If you do not see an answer to your question,  please contact us.      

Bulk Orders


I’m looking for a bulk order of jigs.  Is this something that Grandpa’s Tackle Box can do?

 Yes.  Grandpa’s Tackle Box is equipped to produce bulk quantities of jigs.  All orders are produced as they come in.  Please click here to go to our Bulk Order Page.


​What types of products do you sell?

Grandpa’s Tackle Box makes custom made jigs for fishing enthusiasts.  We are currently focusing on our lead Jig product lines at this time.  This includes regular and weedless lead jigs.  To see our product lines, please click here.

Tungsten Jigs


What is the difference between lead and tungsten jigs?

Lead is less dense than tungsten and can be easily cut or marked. Tungsten is about 41% denser than lead, and is hard enough to require a diamond blade to cut.  By being harder than lead means it is better at helping you feel the bottom composition and structure with your jig/sinker.

Are tungsten jigs more expensive than lead Jigs. 

Yes.  This is due to tungsten jigs being made with machinery. The weight portion of a tungsten jig has to be soldered/welded/epoxied to the hook.  It requires special machines to form/cut the tungsten prior to it being attached to the hook by another process.    Lead jigs are made by pouring liquid lead into a jig mold, thus forming the jig.

What if I don’t see a product that I want?  Can you make what I need?

Please contact us as we have new jigs molds arriving at regular intervals.  If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it in and fulfill your order.


Product Questions

​I want to purchase some jigs but I don’t know what size I need.   

Grandpa’s Tackle Box recommends:

-         1/80, 1/64, 1/32 oz, 1/16 oz, 3/32 oz, 1/8 oz and 3/16 oz jigs for smaller species such as crappie, perch and other panfish;

-          ¼ oz, 5/16 oz, 3/8 oz, ½ oz for medium to larger species such as walleye/pickerel and pike; and

-         5/8 oz, ¾, and 1 oz large species suck as pike, large walleye/pickerel and trout. 


Are jigs available in all sizes?

It depends on which jig head is selected.  Available sizes for each jig are listed on each jig page.  If the size that you’re looking for is not listed, please contact us to confirm.  


​What colours are your jigs available in?

Our jigs are available in any of Grandpa’s Tackle Box’s colours and glitter coats.   Some jig types may not have all of our available colours displayed.  Please note that all of our jig types are available to order in every colour and glitter coat that we have.  To see all of these colours and glitter coats, please go to our Banana Jigs page here

To place an order for a colour not shown, please click here.  Please indicate the jig, jig size, colour and quantity needed. We will get back to you with cost, etc.   Your patience is appreciated.***


What is the difference between synthetic bucktail and real bucktail?

Real Bucktail is real deer hair from the tail of a deer.  The fur is painted in numerous colours and shades.  Synthetic bucktail is basically a plastic material shaped like individual bucktail hairs. It is a little more firm that the real bucktail, but doesn’t loose its colour as quickly bucktail.  This comes in several different colours and shades. 


What is Marabou?

Marabou is made from the feathers of a turkey.  It is soft and pliable.  Marabou tied to a jig is one of the most versatile fishing lures ever created.  Marabou is unique  it has a breathing motion when appearing stationary in the water. There is no other material that can be made to appear as “alive” in the water as marabou.  Any fish that feeds on insects, crustaceans, or minnows will strike a marabou jig.  These jigs are really good for crappie, perch, and sunfish and every species of trout and salmon.   It also works well for bass, walleye and other freshwater species.


​How do I care for my Marabou jigs after using them?

Its recommended that once the jig has been removed from your line, that it be placed in the sun and allowed to dry.  Once dried , gently ruffle the feathers to bring back the fluffy look to the jig.  Avoid just throwing it back in your tackle box as this could effect the action of the feathers over time.

​What is skirting?  What is the difference between silicone and rubber skirting?

Skirting is made with either 100% silicone and/or 100% rubber materials.   When attached to a jig or spinner is meant to mimic bait fish such as a crayfish, bluegill, shad, etc.  The action of the skirting is is life like when the jig is jerked, and falls,  This is dependent on the type of jig head that the skirting is attached to. 


Order Cancellation/Return Policy

What do I do if there is a problem with my order

Please contact us and we will do our best to make it right.

Order Cancellation

Orders can be cancelled within 24 hours of ordering.

Return/Refund Policy


What is your return/refund policy?

All sales are final unless Grandpa’s Tackle Box is contacted within 7 days of receipt of the order with a clear claim that the unused product is defective or incorrect from what was ordered. This includes the wrong item(s) and quantity, etc.  Due to the type of product we sell, any defective claims will require additional proof, such as photos, etc.  Only in exceptional cases will used items be accepted for exchange or refund.  In all cases, an exchange will be issued before a refund.


What are the advantages of purchasing product from Grandpa’s Tackle Box over a big box store?

Grandpa’s Tackle Box is a small Canadian Company that specializes in making custom made fishing tackle that offers personalized service to our clients.  We strive to offer outstanding products at reasonable prices, provide a smooth purchase experience, resulting in returning customers. 


Do you price match?

Grandpa’s Tackle Box will beat any competitors price on the same or similar item. Please contact us to compare.

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