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Round Head Jigs

The Round Head Jig a very popular jig to use anywhere and at any time.  They are a good all-around jig.  These Round Head Jigs have a tapered barb collar to either attach your favorite soft bait to or attach/tie silicone skirting, bucktail, marabou or faux/synthetic material to it.   Round Head Jigs are available in all of our colors and glitter coats.    Looking for a Round Head jig with 3D eyes?  Check out our Round Eye Socket Jigs page.   Looking for a dressed jig?  Check out our Round Head Marabou Jigs page. 

Looking to try something different than the usual round head jig?  Try our Wobble Jigs page


Round Head Jigs are available in the following sizes/hook combinations:


- 1/32 oz. – Eagle Claw -570 - 6

- 1/16 oz. – Eagle Claw -570 - 4

 - 1/8 oz. – Eagle Claw - 570 - 1

1/4 oz. – Eagle Claw – L3052 - 1/0

 - 5/16 oz. – Eagle Claw – L3052 - 2/0

 - 3/8 oz. – Eagle Claw – L3052 - 3/0

 - 1/2 oz. – Eagle Claw – L3052 - 4/0

Please Note

***Some jig types may not have all of our available colours displayed.  Please note that all of our jig types are available to order in every colour and glitter coat that we have.  To see all of these colours and glitter coats, please go to our Banana Jigs page here

To place an order for a colour not shown, please click here.  Please indicate the jig, jig size, colour and quantity needed. We will get back to you with cost, etc.   Your patience is appreciated.***

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