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Skirted Weedless Football Jigs with Craw Trailers

​Our Skirted Weedless Football Jigs with craw trailers are excellent tools for your tackle box.  With our realistic skirting and killer X Zone plastic craw trailers, they are a recipe for catching fish. 

Don't see what you need?  Contact us or visit our Custom Order page and we can custom make your jigs to your specifications.  

Grandpa's Tackle Box utilizes wire to securely fasten the skirting to each jig.  


Skirted Weedless Football jigs with Craw Trailers are made with the following sizes/hook combinations:


- 1/2oz. – Eagle Claw/Mustad – L2798/32798BLN - 4/0

- 3/4oz. – Eagle Claw/Mustad - L2798/32798BLN - 5/0

- 1oz. – Eagle Claw/Mustad - L2798 /32798BLN- 5/0

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