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Pro Series Swammer 4"

Grandpa’s Tackle Box now offers Canadian Manufactured X Zone Lures™ Soft Plastic Baits.   Swammer paddle tails are an exciting innovation in the world of fishing lures. Their unique rib design, soft curved ribbed sides, and three-dimensional paddle tail with a keel-shaped body create a distinctive sonic vibration, setting them apart from traditional lures. Notably, their design prevents them from rolling over during any speed of retrieval, adding to their versatility. These paddle tails can be fished with or without weights, allowing anglers to target fish at various depths. Moreover, the inclusion of Exclusive X Zone Scent and Superfine Salt enhances their already irresistible design and action, making them a must-have for any serious angler. These plastic baits can be purchased with our skirted weedless jigs and/or as stand-alone items.   


Are you looking for a jig with a trailer already attached?  Check out our Jigs with Trailers page.

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