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Wobble Synthetic Fiber Jigs

Our Wobble Synthetic Fiber Jigs are designed to drop slowly through a fish's feeding zone with a side-to-side action. This wobbling action, slower fall and colourful hair mimic an injured baitfish.  Looking for a wobble jig not tied.  Check out our Painted Wobble Jig Page.  Looking for something different?  Check out our Synthetic Fiber Minnow Head Jigs page.

If you are looking for a specific jig head color combination, please contact us here.

Wobble Jigs are available in the following size/hook combinations:


- 1/16 – Eagle Claw 570 - 4

- 1/8 – Eagle Claw 570 - 1

- ¼ – Eagle Claw 570 – 1/0

- 3/8 - – Eagle Claw 570 – 2/0   

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