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Jigs with Craw Trailers

Looking to increase your chances of catching a monster? Attaching a trailer to the back end is one way to make your jigs more attractive.


At Grandpa's Tackle Box, we offer a wide selection of jigs with craw trailers, including Weedless Football Jigs, Weedless Flat Bottom Football Jigs, Weedless Casting Jigs, Bladed Football and Bladed Arky Jigs.  All of our jigs with trailers are made with high-quality materials, including Mustad Ultra Point Hooks, durable baked paint, quality skirting, split rings , shaker blades and duo lock snaps. 

Grandpa's Tackle Box utilizes wire to securely fasten the skirting to each jig.  

Our trailers are made by X Zone™ Lures, ensuring that you have the best chance of hooking that big catch.   They can be found here.

XZONE Pro Series 1 .jpeg.jpg
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