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Synthetic Bucktail Jigs

Grandpa's Tackle Box offers Faux/Synthetic Bucktail Jigs that are poured, painted and tied with care and attention.  We use Eagle Claw and Mustad Hooks.  Our Faux/Synthetic Bucktail jigs can be purchased as made or in a jig head and color(s) of your choice.  

The main feature of faux/synthetic bucktail is the color consistency.   In some cases, real bucktail can have inconsistencies and bleeding of the hair colors.   This doesn’t happen with faux/synthetic bucktail.  In real bucktail the hair fibers are hollow, not so in synthetic bucktail.   The taper of faux/synthetic bucktail is consistent no matter where the product is picked from in the package.  This allows for a more consistent looking jig.

If you are looking for a specific jig head and/or color(s) combination, contact us here.

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