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Bare Lead Jigs with Standard Jig Hooks 

Below are our bare lead jigs manufactured with standard Eagle Claw 570/L3052/L786/L2798 and L098 hooks.   Anyone tying their own bucktail or marabour jigs will  be interested in our Bare Lead Round Head without wire keeper jig.  They are a customer favourite as they can be made in micro sizes like 1/64 oz and 1/80 oz.  These are excellent black crappie lures!   When dressed with silicone skirting or a paddletail swimbait the Arky Chatterbait Jig is a great bass lure.   To see these jigs painted, have a look at our painted jigs page.      Looking for something different?  Check out our Bare Lead Jigs with Red Sickle Hooks page.


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