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Snootie Bucktail Jigs

The Weedless Snootie  Bucktail Jigs are unique in that its head design allows it to have a unique falling action. They are made with quality 60 degree hooks, fiber weed guards, 3D eyes and colourful bucktail.  They are available in all of our colors and glitter coats.   Looking for a Weedless Snootie jig is not dressed?  Have a look at our Weedless Snootie Jigs page. 

Weedless Snootie Bucktail jigs can be ordered in the following sizes/hook combinations:


- 3/8 oz - – Mustad Ultra Ultra Point - 32786 - 4/0, 5/0

- 1/2 oz. – Mustad Ultra Ultra Point - 32786  - 5/0

- 5/8 oz. – Mustad Ultra Ultra Point - 32786 - 5/0

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