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Swimbait Head Jigs

Swimbait Head Jigs emulate the natural appearance of live baitfish with precision.  Built with Mustad Ultra Point Hooks, each jig undergoes a durable powder painting and baking process. The head shape, complemented by lifelike 3D eyes, enhances its realistic presentation underwater. A flat bottom design ensures optimal stability and balance during retrieval.


Featuring a double barbed wire collar, these jigs securely hold paddletail and other plastic baits in place, preventing them from slipping off during vigorous fishing sessions. Available in a comprehensive range of colors and glitter coats, Swimbait Head Jigs cater to every angler's preference and fishing environment.

Swimbait Head Jigs are available in the following size/hook combinations:

-¼ - Mustad Ultra Point 32746– 3/0, 4/0

- 3/8 - Mustad Ultra Point 32746– 4/0, 5/0

- ½ - Mustad Ultra Point 32746– 4/0, 5/0

- 5/8 - Mustad Ultra Point 32746– 4/0, 5/0

- 3/4 - Mustad Ultra Point 32746– 5/0, 6/0

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