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Grandpa’s Tackle Box – Ultra Minnow Marabou Jigs are made with:


  • High Quality chip resistant cured paint;
  • Mustad Ultra Point Hooks;
  • Quality thick marabou in standard and custom colours/patterns;
  • Tied and glued securely to ensure long jig life.


**Depending on the product ordered; Paint and Marabou colouring may vary from jig to jig**


**Requests for larger or smaller hooks are limited to what the mold will accept. Not all requests can be accommodated.**


Ultra Minnow Marabou Jigs are available in the following size/hook combinations:

- 1/8 - Mustad Ultra Point 32746– 1/0

-¼ - Mustad Ultra Point 32746– 2/0

- 3/8 -