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This Bare Lead Banana Jig comes with a red sickle hook.


Unsure which size of jig to get?  Grandpa’s Tackle Box recommends 1/8 oz for smaller species such as crappie, perch and other panfish. Use a ¼ oz for walleye/pickerel.  Our 3/8 oz, and ½ oz are perfect for targeting larger pike and walleye/pickerel.


Looking for a jig that is already tied/dressed?  Click here.


**Requests for larger or smaller hooks are limited to what the mold will accept. Not all requests can be accommodated.**


The Banana jig is available in the following sizes and hook combinations:


 - 1/8oz. – Eagle Claw -500 - 1/0

 - 1/4oz. – Eagle Claw - 500 - 2/0

 - 3/8oz. – Eagle Claw - 500 - 3/0
 - 1/2oz. – Eagle Claw  - 500 - 4/0 



Bare Lead - Banana Jig with Red Sick